Our story so far.

Allena Marlow is the founding director of Macaron Marlo, a macaron pâtisserie based in Nottingham. French macarons is what we do, and what we do best.

A self trained pâtisserie with no certification from any culinary school, Allena is the sole pâtisserie behind the steadily growing brand and business.

Allena grew up in the countryside in Uganda, and at a time when sugar and sweet treats were for the wealthy few, and for those who got to travel to the big city, Kampala. Since moving to the UK and gaining her MA in business at Coventry University,she has devoted much of her time baking and re-writing macaron recipes.

 “It is a great honour and privilege doing what I do! Finding your purpose in life or that ‘thing that speaks back to you’ is something not everyone is lucky enough to stumble across. In my case, it was through losing a job at a time when i needed stability in my life the most. Faith in God and in my own potential was all I was left to work with and that right there, was the window of opportunity to finding my own wings and gifts within me – to sharpen and develop into the woman I am today hence the birth of the business that I stand under.”

All our macarons are hand made using quality traceable ingredients.

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