Our Favourites pack is made up of flavours from our everyday range topping our list of bestsellers. The flavours are raspberry, pistachio, cookie dough, Caramel, Chocolate and Vanilla Custard.

Suitable for vegetarians. Contains dairy and nuts. Not suitable for nut-allergy sufferers.


Cookie Dough

The only non-gluten free flavour that we bake and tops as our bestselling flavour. The gooey chewy texture in the shells and filling is a result of grounded Oreo biscuits further infused with a biscotti flavour in a white chocolate ganache. It is a favourite with kids and adults alike.


A classic flavour and perhaps the most popular to all macaron lovers. It is rich in flavour, made out of fine powdered pistachios blended in a white chocolate ganache. For an even richer taste, the ganache is finished off with natural pistachio extract enhancing the sweet smell of the nuts.


Raspberry macarons are fruity and a summer reminder, available all year round. Macarons are filled with raspberry cream and raspberry preserve.

Creamy Caramel

Our caramel macarons are most popular in the winter season made out of double strength caramel extract infused in white chocolate for a creamier taste.

Double Chocolate

This is one of our most popular flavours in our range. Macarons are filled with chocolate ganache made with 50%  fine dark chocolate and 50% milk chocolate. A favourite for children and adults alike.

Vanilla Custard

A subtle smooth taste that comes from white chocolate ganache flavoured with vanilla bean paste. It is a popular choice for an afternoon tea treat.

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6, 12, 24

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