Classic Collection


This collection is made of simple independent flavours that taste really great, all-time favourites for generations
Collection includes Pistachio, Almond, Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Rose & Vanila

Suitable for vegetarians. Contains dairy and nuts. Not suitable for nut-allergy sufferers.

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French almond is a rich classic flavour, one of our all-time favourite and best seller.

macarons are filled with flavoured ganache, completing the chewy texture with a smooth finish.


A classic flavour and perhaps the most familiar to macaron lovers. The rich flavour comes from finely powdered pistachios blended with a white chocolate ganache. The ganache is completed with natural pistachio extract to enhance the sweet aroma of the nuts.


This is one of our most popular flavours in our range. Macarons are filled with a rich filling made with dark and milk chocolate.

Salted Caramel

Our Creamy Caramel macarons are made out of double strength sticky toffee extract infused in white chocolate for a creamier taste.


Rose macarons are popular for their aroma and beautiful light pink colour. A well balanced classic flavour, not overly sweet and floral.


One of the world’s most popular spices, vanilla is a subtle flavour that is ever mellow especially within macarons.

They are baked in an off white colour.

Box Size

6, 12, 24

  1. Amazing!I love macaroons and like to treat myself so when .I spotted these at a local market I had to have some.I can honestly say they are the best I have ever eaten(and I include a famous Yorkshire establishment in that)They melt in the mouth and the flavours are subtle and natural.Good job I do not live in Nottingham as I would eat nothing else.

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