Delicious Memories

One of the luckiest

“I consider myself to be one of the luckiest girls in the whole world because I do what I love most on a daily basis. Baking macarons is not only a passion of mine but a calling through which I serve people.”

Creating delicious memories

We are a small business committed to being the best at what we do and more so a pleasant bunch to work with. All our macarons are:

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It was a very sudden awakening

Established in 2016, macaron marlo was born out of what I love to call an epiphany moment. It was a very sudden awakening to my purpose_one I had been desparately searching and praying for, for a while. There was no doubt in my mind whatsoever that I was born to bake despite the fact that I had zero experience and no training at all.

Baking with love

Driven by passion and confidence

The challenges of baking macarons are immense especially on a commercial scale.
It’s a journey that many bakers out there may relate to but when you are driven by passion and confidence in what you do, in some sort of way you go past every limitation and inconveniences along the way.
To all our customers, we appreciate your support and feedback. Every single purchase is a step forward to reaching our highest potential.

Fresh & Tasty Macarons every day

We bake wonderful macarons for your family, catered to your preference.

Quality Ingredient

Real Fruit Powder

Quality Ingredient

Whole Eggs

Quality Ingredient


Quality Ingredient

100% Ground Almonds

Fresh & Tasty Bakery every day

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Allen Marlow

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Ian Marlow



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Caramel , Latte or Salted , always a favorite.